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6 of my favourite winter supplements

I am often asked in class and on Instagram for details of my daily supplement regime and I always say 'it depends!' - I believe that the support your body needs changes with the seasons, your training regime and your lifestyle. There is no all-year-round solution! Listening to your body and understanding where the 'gaps' are in your diet, or where your body needs support will help you identify the best supplements for you.

Below are 6 supplements that I personally add to my daily routine in winter. Please do keep in mind I am NOT a nutritionist and everyone is different and might need different supplements to me!

1. Altrient, Vitamin C – a high-dose gel formula Vitamin C for maximum absorption, to help me get through 'flu season'. SHOP HERE

2. British Supplements, Vitamin D - a super important addition to my daily vitamin intake when natural 'daylight' sources are low in winter - SHOP HERE

3. Zooki, Glutathione - the superstar of cell support - SHOP HERE

4. Bare Biology, Liquid Omega 3 - with natural Sicilian lemon oil so no 'fishy taste' this premium fish oil is essential for healthy joints and there is also research that it can help build lean muscle growth, too - SHOP HERE

5. Bare Biology, Skinful Pure Marine Collagen Powder - this powder is completely tasteless so can be added to hot drinks, smoothies or juices without an after-taste. Great for boosting my skin and hair health - SHOP HERE

6. Altrient, B complex (Zinc combined) - Another 'gel' supplement for effective absorption, a B complex is great 'insurance' to boost metabolism, support the nervous system and protect the body from oxidative stress - SHOP HERE

Also 2 of my favourite brands for kids:

Baba West - A great range of drops, powders and sprays, suitable from birth-12 years.

Lizzie Loves - a natural range of supplements to support sleep, immune system and digestion in little ones - and they taste great too!

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