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Chloe Loves: 7 products I love from Green People

Clients often ask me for beauty and skincare recommendations and the one brand I rave about over and over again is Green People. I use them for a wide range of products - from toothpaste to SPF, not just for me but my boys as well. They have fantastic credentials as one of the first organic beauty brands (celebrating 25 years this year!) - with beautiful, safe, effective ingredients. Here are just 7 of the products I use and love:

Face oil – great to use on my face and neck after I have exfoliated - I apply it before bed to allow it to work its magic overnight!

Face exfoliator - a great exfoliator that deeply cleanses my face after a busy day and gently buffs away dead skin to help my skin glow, naturally.

Mascara - most days i don’t wear any makeup at all when I'm in the studio except for this mascara, religiously!

Muscle relax body oil - this is so great to put on my body after a hot bath, especially if I have been teaching Pilates all day and worked out myself. My muscles thank me for it!

Kids toothpaste - my kids love the taste of this!

Kids body wash and shampoo - I dont like to use any products on my kids unless it is Green People – I love that they are natural, pure and organic formulations and this has a great calming lavender scent for bedtime.

Suncream - a great safe and non-toxic suncream I use ALL year round on all the family.

*Note this is not an ad - these are the products I buy and love for my family and I and just wanted to share!


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