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How it works

Chloe's Pilates membership isn't just about access to Pilates online - there are over 350 on-demand videos to choose from, as well as interactive live classes, member discount perks on fitness and wellness brands as well as monthly tips and advice delivered to your inbox. 

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On-demand videos

Chloe's Pilates members have 24/7 access to over 350 on-demand dynamic Pilate videos. Choose your length, difficulty and body focus to find your perfect class and join regular challenges to stay motivated.

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Member Perks

Becoming a Chloe's Pilates member unlocks access to 'Chloes Pilates Perks' - a monthly changing list of offers and exclusive discounts on a range of supplement, health, wellbeing and fitness brands.

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Live classes

Each Wednesday morning at 9.30am (term time only) members can join an interactive live Pilates class from the convenience of their own home. There is the opportunity each week to ask questions and gain tips.

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Monthly newsletter

Each month Chloe's Pilates members receive an edit of tips, recommendations and discount codes, straight to their inbox to keep them inspired and on track with their wellness goals.

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Priority event access

Members will be given priority access to in-person events in The Cotswolds and London - such as wild swimming and Pilates, sound baths and breathwork classes. A great opportunity to meet other members.

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Seasonal retreats

Chloe's Pilates members will be invited to seasonal retreats at a discounted rate for a full day's immersion in Pilates practice, with guest speakers, nutrition workshops and goodie bags.

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