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Member Reviews

Honest and happy feedback from Chloe's Pilates members


“If I want to start the day on a high, Chloe is my guru!
I LOVE her classes. I couldn’t live without her 'Morning Movement' class and if I can’t get to a real class, her online videos are the best!”


“This woman is an inspiration, she is just the most amazing Pilates teacher, her knowledge is beyond. Her class at Daylesford is the best start to any Tuesday and if I can’t make that, then her online classes are amazing. Chloe the Great!”


Chloe’s teaching is dynamic and intense, but she’s super encouraging and fun and gets you pushing yourself to your limit, even when you are on your own. I love knowing that I’ve given my body a really good workout, and I can do it at home at exactly the time that suits me.


There are so many options of varied and challenging workouts and you can pick and choose depending on how much time you have. ​I’d highly recommend signing up and great value for what is included!


‘I’ve been doing Chloe’s Pilates classes weekly for nearly 4 years now. During Lockdown no1, I was so thrilled to hear that she had created an online subscription of her amazing workouts that I could do from the comfort of my own home! Not only can I do her brilliant Pilates workouts in their varying degrees, she also offers brilliant Hiit & Cardio classes that get the blood pumping and the sweat pouring. There is so much to choose from - I never get bored of her content!

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