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4 quick tips to boost your mood

I truly believe that these 4 habits should just be part of our everyday routines and practices. We all have good and bad days and I feel its important to accept that it is ok to have bad days sometimes, but if you notice the bad days are outweighing the good then maybe its time to evalulate your daily habits to see how they are helping (or hindering) your mood. Here are just four ideas that I use to consciously boost my mood:

1. Eating delicious, healthy whole foods – eat the rainbow!

There's plenty of research proving the food-mood connection; eating a diet rich in the following foods can cause havoc on your mood - refined carbohydrates, sugar, trans fats and processed foods. Instead, try and eat a range of fresh, whole, natural foods for optimum nutritional value. As a double-win I love growing my own fruits and veggies, not only are they nourishing mine and my family's body, but I find an hour pottering in the veg patch really therapeutic.

2. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it!

Like our children do, our bodies and minds thrive on having a routine - the biggest example of that being our sleep and wake cycle. I also think a morning routine can be such a great way to setting us up for a good day ahead. Find a morning routine (or evening if that’s better for you) that works for you and stick to it, consistency is key!

3. Use light to improve your health

Exposing my eyes and skin to as much natural light first thing in the morning when I wake up makes me feel ten times better! And if I can’t get outside first thing I use my SAD lamp when doing my morning movement. And limiting screen time at night. Andrew Huberman has a great podcast on this subject where he describes the mechanisms by which different wavelengths of light impact the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body and how timing your light exposure to specific wavelengths can be used to improve sleep and enhance alertness, modulate hormone levels and improve mood.

4. Exercise endorphins

I like to try and get 20 minutes of Pilates done in the morning as soon as I wake up. It helps wake your body and mind up after a nights sleep, it helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, and the endorphins released from it really make you feel happier and brighter! I have lots of quick practices on my on-demand video channel, starting at just 10 mins, so there is no excuse!


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