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Find your summer workout motivation

Many clients I talk to find the summer months hardest to commit to a regular workout routine - holidays, kids at home, evening events - it's understandable that your usual workout slots get rejigged, but how can you stay on track with your fitness goals and commit to a consistent routine through summer?

Here are just 5 tips that I recommend to my clients to help you, too:

Follow one of my challenges – the 10 minute a day challenge is easy to fit into your day - it's effective, fun, and motivating - who doesn't have 10 minutes?!

Gain confidence when doing a class - all my classes put a lot of emphasis on technique and form.  When you know you are doing the exercises correctly you will feel more comfortable when doing the exercises solo and get more out of them each time.

Seeing and feeling results quickly - a lot of my members start to feel the difference only after a couple of classes – they start to understand how to activate their core properly, they feel more energized, and can sense their posture improving. When you see results it spurs you on to stay on track!

Save time - my classes range from 10-40 minutes which means that they can be fitted into your day easily - no need to plan in time to travel to a class or gym, just roll out your mat at home or in the garden and get going! On days you have little time you can go for 10-minutes classes, all depending on you. A good workout is not measured in the duration of the class, it is the quality of the workout.

Make it fun - a final and obvious point - if you don't enjoy your workouts you will always find an excuse not to do them! That's not to say they won't be challenging, but turn up your favourite songs and enjoy seeing your body get stronger and fitter!


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