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7 benefits of wild swimming

I recently shared my love of the health benefits of wild swimming on floral stylist, Willow Crossley's blog and I thought I'd include 7 of the key benefits here if you are on the fence about cold water swimming.

  • Plunging into cold water gives you an instant, exhilarating mood boost - especially when experienced with friends.

  • Wild swimming, by definition will mean you are immersed in nature - be it a river, lake or the sea. Spending time in the elements has been shown to help lower our cortisol levels and help us to feel calmer.

  • Each time you get into cold water and experience that ‘fight or flight’ panic response, you’re getting a chance to practice being calm in moments of stress, which you can then take into other areas of your life.

  • Cold water swimming helps you to quieten your mind; taking it step-by-step slowly in a form of mindful moving meditation teaches you to regulate your breath and calm your nervous system. As you practice these skills every time you wild swim, you’re inadvertently teaching your brain and body how to breathe through the challenges of life.

  • Some people say it boosst immunity and anecdotally I've certainly found I get less colds and bugs since regularly exposing myself to cold water immersion.

  • The endorphin high after wild swimming is something that will stick with you for the rest of your day - it's definitely addictive!

If you'd like to join me for a Pilates class and wild swim at Cornbury in The Cotswolds, you can find details of my next session here


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