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5 tips for your spring workouts

This month I've asked Milla Bankes, style consultant to share her top tips on the best activewear looks to help inspire your spring workouts... over to Milla:

Looking good is motivational – if you like your workout gear you’re more likely to get yourself out of the house and into the gym… it’s a fact.

My approach to activewear is always to choose something that gives you the option to wear it for the rest of the day, should you want to (life is busy and the washing pile is large enough).

Below are my top 5 tips for elevating your activewear look this Spring:

Accessories: A good bag will automatically make your outfit look more pulled together; just because you’re wearing gym leggings, doesn’t mean you need a sports bag to go with them! This time of year, there are always a good selection of canvas tote bags in the shops that are well worth looking at, like the one I’ve featured here by Marc Jacobs. I always like to wear a necklace to class – nothing heavy, that will irritate you during your downward dog (!) but layering a few beaded necklaces, like those by Roxanne First (similar can be found on Etsy) can be a playful way to add a little colour. I live in my alphabet necklace by Anoushka – It’s light weight, perfect for the gym.

Try layering your activewear with every day fashion pieces; and mixing up textures for added interest.

Trainers: The great thing about yoga and Pilates is that you don’t need to wear sports trainers to class …you’re taking your footwear off as soon as you hit the mat, so you really can wear whatever you want – I think clean trainers is always key for a polished look. Most trainers can be shoved in the washing machine to give them a new lease of life…if you’re worried about your ankles, a chunky sole will always make your ankles appear slimmer.

Layering: Layering is particularly important at this time of year in the UK, when the weather can be unpredictable – try layering your activewear with every day fashion pieces; and mixing up textures for added interest.

Proportions matter: If you want your legs to look longer, avoid 7/8 length gym leggings, or team them with a longer sock of the same colour to create a continuous line. If you’re wider around the bottom and hips, you might want to try a flared gym legging, which will balance you out; Sweaty Betty are also great for tops which are shaped with a seam that is lower at the back than the front.

Cashmere: I really don’t think you can beat it…a cashmere wrap can be used all year round – first thing on a summer’s morning, on route to the gym, when there’s a bit of a breeze, or bundled tightly around your neck on a blustery winter’s day…cashmere is always comforting. A pair of cashmere socks will also provide the perfect transitional Spring solution when it’s still too chilly for trainer socks.

If you'd like to learn more about Milla's styling services, contact her at


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