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5 tips for winter at-home workouts

We all know that exercising is good for us and it's easy to locate our fitness mojo on bright, warm, sunny mornings - but the motivation to get out of bed in the dark, when it's cold and grey is tough. Not to mention the safety issue of exercising on dark streets and slippy, icy pavements.

At-home workouts are a great alternative at this time of the year that allow you to maintain and build your strength and fitness, but from the ease (and warmth!) of your own home. They can be fitted in first thing, or in the evening without the worry of squeezing them into daylight hours, that are a precious commodity in winter!

If you are looking to bring your fitness regime indoors this winter, here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • Start with 1-2 classes a week and commit to it – be realistic with your goals. It's much more motivating to build up your workouts, rather than feeling demoralised if you can't stick to an unachievable goal.

  • Schedule your sessions into your diary as a very important meeting! Imagine if you were meeting a friend for a run, or seeing a PT - make that same commitment to yourself.

  • Put on your activewear when you first wake up - it will get you in the mindset to workout.

  • Try and do your workout earlier in the day so something else doesn’t get in the way.

  • Have a special ‘workout area’ in your house where you keep your mat so its accessible and easy to get going when you are ready to exercise.

  • Little and often – I prefer (and I think it's more beneficial) to include 10-20 minutes of Pilates into my everyday routine, most days rather than just doing 1 hour a week.

My on-demand Pilates classes are perfect in winter, no trekking out in the cold to the gym, or ice pavements to contend with! Start your free 14-day trial here


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