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3 tips to stay energised this summer

With diaries filling up as we enter the summer months, we really want to feel energised and strong to navigate what can be a busy (but also really fun!) time of year. This week, I’ve got some tips on how to do this from Alice Mackintosh, a Nutritional Therapist and co-founder of the award-winning supplement brand Equi London

1.       Morning Daylight: Research is emerging about the many benefits of getting daylight into our eyes within 90 minutes of waking - something that at this time of year is really easy to do. Just 5-20 minutes of daylight (ideally not through a window, and remember, no sunglasses!) has been shown to improve energy, mood, and even productivity throughout the day. It may even help us sleep better at night. Aim to limit caffeine until you’ve had these 90 minutes to maximise the benefits.

2.       Diverse Plant Intake: It’s widely known that we need to eat more plants, with most of these coming from veggies. To really double down on this, try to mix it up and get at least one food from each of the following groups of plants: fruit, vegetables, lentils/beans, grains, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, and fermented veggies. This means you get more types of fibre as well as vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens, prebiotics, and antioxidants—energy and goodness for the whole body!

3.       Supplement Wisely: Good energy, a focused mind, and great skin are all signs that your body has everything it needs. Equally, bloating, energy dips, weak nails, mood changes, and even brain fog can be signs of an imbalance in the body. Food always comes first, but science shows that supplements really can help keep your whole body fueled effectively. Supplements are a game-changer when you find the right ones, but many of us become overwhelmed and confused when browsing the shelves, only to invest in something that doesn’t give results. Having spent the last decade working with people one-to-one and seeing what works whilst also reading the latest science, I meticulously formulate each product so that you feel the difference when you take them. Whether it’s for your energy, digestion, hormones, skin, or to support your body when you're really busy, take this 30 second quiz to find out which Equi Formula is best for you.


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